ADDitions Volunteers

ADDitions Approval:
Please Read!!

Dear Parents:

Thank you for choosing to volunteer your time at Westpointe Elementary! Each year your online ADDitions application must be updated in order to be approved to come on campus as a volunteer.  To get started, please go to the website below:


Option #1 -If you know your login information from previous years: 
Click “Log in/Forgot Password” on the left side and enter your user ID and password. You will be prompted to update your security questions and application. Once you have completed updating your application, click “Search for Opportunities”. Click on the orange “Volunteers” tab. Do a search for Westpointe Elementary. Click on the blue link “Become an ADDitions Volunteer with Westpointe Elementary 2021-2022”. Click “Sign up”. Your request will be sent to the ADDitions Coordinator.

Option #2- If you forgot your login information from previous years
Click “Log in/Forgot Password” on the left side and then click “Forgot Password” and follow the directions to help you retrieve/reset your information. Once you have your login information, go back to the login page and enter it. Follow all of the prompts in order to update your application. From your dashboard, click “Search for Opportunities”. Click on the orange “Volunteers” tab. Do a search for Westpointe Elementary. Click on the blue link “Become an ADDitions Volunteer with Westpointe Elementary 2021-2022”. Click “Sign up”.

Option #3 - If you are a new parent to OCPS/Westpointe Elementary and have never completed an ADDitions application or
 you were here at Westpointe Elementary and did not register last year with ADDitions, click the orange “Search Opportunities” tab on the left side. Then click the orange “Volunteers” tab. Search for Westpointe Elementary. Click on the blue link “Become an ADDitions Volunteer with Westpointe Elementary 2021-2022”. Click “Sign up”. Click on “create a new account” and follow all of the steps.

* Please be sure to write down your username and password and keep in a safe place.  You will need this to log in the Volunteer Management System in the front office each time you come in*


Please note that you MUST be ADDitions approved in order to volunteer on campus.  You DO NOT need to be ADDitions approved just to come and have lunch with your child. You will need to sign into the visitor management system in the front office with your ID.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ADDitions Coordinator Andrea Sarmiento at 407-866-1271 or email [email protected] or [email protected].

How do I begin?

Complete and submit an application via the following website: Sign up for activities that interest you and be sure to choose Westpointe Elementary. Wait to be contacted by your coordinator. She will review your information and be in touch with assignments promptly.

Please Remember:

ALWAYS sign in and out in the office when you are coming to volunteer. 
ALWAYS wear your name tag for identification purposes. The name tags will be printed and given to you by the receptionist. Please take this tag with you and wear it whenever you are volunteering at Westpointe Elementary. Please call or email the teacher you will be assisting if you will be unable to volunteer at your specified time.

Health Regulations:

Please do not come to school if you are sick (this includes a cold, sore throat or cough) It is important to prevent the spreading of germs in the classroom. We will certainly miss you and though you may feel like you need to come in and that you are leaving a teacher shorthanded, it is not good for you, the children or the teacher if you are present. Please let the teacher know that you cannot come in and please return when you are completely over your illness.


Never leave a child alone, never touch a child, and never allow a child to leave school without checking out at the main office. 
If you have doubts about a situation, ask someone with authority. You should never be left alone with students in the school. A staff member should be with you at all times in the presence of students. If an accident occurs immediately notify a staff member. Never move a child involved in an accident. A member of the school staff will initiate proper procedures for accidents.

Volunteers Shall Not:

Assume responsibility for the supervision of a class in the absence of a teacher.
Assume responsibility for the discipline of students.
Make decisions regarding the relevancy of activities or procedures.
Contact parents regarding student performance or write letters home.

Responsibilities of Volunteers:

Follow school procedures and policy

Dress Code:

NO clothing which advertises alcohol, contains obscenities, or suggestive logos.
NO garments which expose the midriff such as tube tops, tank tops, halter tops, or fish net tops. Undergarments must be worn at all times.


When special projects and volunteer opportunities arise, the school coordinator will send an email to all active volunteers via the web system. In other cases, flyers and letters are sent home with the child. 
Thank you for taking the time to care! We greatly appreciate your time, commitment and dedication to the Westpointe Elementary School family! Please feel free to contact Andrea Sarmiento or Shaniece Vaughn, your volunteer coordinators if you have any questions. They can be reached via email at [email protected], [email protected], or via phone 407-866-1271.

 ADDitions School Volunteer Guidelines.pdf