Arrival and Dismissal Expectations

Arrival and Dismissal Safety Expectations

Students should NOT be dropped off, or arrive by walking or bike, prior to 8:15 unless enrolled in the morning Extended Day Care program as there is no adult supervision at that time.  Parents must wait with their child in their car until supervision arrives in the car rider drop off area.

For the safety of all students once you are on school property, please do not let your child out of the car until you have reached the appropriate designated drop-off spot.  The only spot for this is at the curb in front of the main building (100).  Please do not let your student out of the car in any of the parking lots or further back in the car rider line while in the traffic lane for their safety.

Students should go directly to breakfast in the cafeteria or to their designated morning holding area, not wandering or visiting, until dismissed to go to class. 

At dismissal, all car riders must be picked up within the car rider line.  Please keep the line to a single line to avoid any potential car accidents even though there are two lanes at some points.  Car pickup calling on radios ends at 3:25 as the teachers' workday is ending.  Anyone showing up after that point will need to park and sign out children from the office. 

Car Rider Dismissal Information

Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation!